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District II is a proud sponsor of the District II Cup Series - Comp and Rec, Spring and Fall Events 

District II Cup History

The District II Cups are unlike any other youth soccer competition in Northern California. Each year, through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, the District II Cups bring together boys and girls competitive and sometimes recreational teams from ages U8 - U19 for a weekend of fun to wrap up the Spring/Fall season.

The District II Cups have grown to be enormous events.  Annually, 400 to 500 teams participate in each of these events - making the District II Cups some of the largest youth soccer competitions in Northern California.

The District II Cups have two primary purposes:

  • Fundraising - Proceeds are used to fund many different programs in the District, and are also deposited into the District II special account for building new playing fields.
  • Competition - The event gives District II teams and selected from neighboring Districts a chance to test themselves in a cup-style competition (as opposed to regular league play) against their peers.

The District II Board is committed to continuing to tackle these monumental undertakings each year to offer boys and girls a fun soccer experience, and to raise money for the District's many worthwhile programs.

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