District II 5v5 Outdoor Winter League

Registration for the 5v5 2016-2017 Winter League is Open.
Any team between U6 and U19 is eligible!

5v5 Format is legal for high school players!

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Schedules - Find your team in the division, click on Standings and on your team name


Dates - preliminary - 11 dates out of the dates listed below
December 18, 24, 31 
January 7/8, 14/15, 21/22, 28/29
February 4/5, 11/12, 25/26

All the games will be played on Turf fields.
Make-up or additional play dates may be added depending on the level of registration.

Registration Deadline: Open enrollment.  Depending on the registration date, half season or a-la-carte may be the only options. 
Flexible registration process will be in place for teams that want to join for half season.
Flexible scheduling during the season and during the play date.

Team Registration Fees
U6-U13 - Full (8-game) season - $195.  Half season - $120
U14-U19 - Full (8-game) season - $245.  Half season - $150
A-la-carte games may be booked for a nominal fee of $30(U13 and younger)/$35(U14 and up) per game.

U6-U13 - quarter of a regular size field, 6x12 goals, 2x20min
U14-U19 - half of a regular size field, 7x21 or 8x24 goals, 2x25min

Flexible match-ups - older vs. youngers, co-ed, etc. 

Home team coach/parent will ref the game.

Withdrawal fee: $0 if notice is sent before first schedule is released.  Once the team has been accepted and at least one game scheduled - $50.

Roster Size: No limit.

Mid/North Peninsula.  Additional locations may be added depending on the level of registration and geographic make-up.

Additional Info
Mail to 5v5@comcast.net

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