5v5 2015 Fall League



·        Any U6-U8 team within D1, D2, D3 and D4 boundaries is welcome to enroll

·        2015-16 registration passes are accepted.

·        At Large option will be available for teams that want to play occasional/additional games

·        Grouping will be done based on geographic proximity


List of Applicants

There will be no set roster

The basic schedule will run from September through November.  Extended schedule available to all the teams to schedule and play a-la-carte games through end of November.  Play dates may be organized by the League on fields provided by any Club.  The League will provide fields set-up and support.
Currently, MVLA will be hosting on: Sept 13, 20; Oct 4, 11 and 18; Nov 1


Quarter of a regular size field (25'x40'), 6x12 goals, 2x20min (or 2x25 min - at the discretion of the hosts)


Home team coach/parent will ref the game. 

Fee Structure

League registration 8-11 games - $125.  At Large games – no fee.
At Large registration - A-la-carte games will be booked for a nominal fee of $15/game/team.

Two Leagues are offering to host games at this time - Redwood League (San Mateo) and Foothill (MVLA/Sunnyvale).  Please select preferred location when you register.
Registration Deadline
August 24th, 2015 - for League Play
Open enrollment throughout the season for At Large (a-la-carte) option.  
Depending on the registration date, half season or a-la-carte may be the only options. 
Flexible registration process will be in place for teams that want to join for half season.
Flexible scheduling during the season and during the play dates.

Registration is Open


Additional Info

Mail to 5v5@comcast.net


District II Information