Spring Open Premier


·         CRL Fall participating teams – U12-U19 – will be entered automatically

·         New applicants – U9-U19 – will be selected based on their level and up to 12 teams will be accepted

·         Any high level team within D1, D2, D3 and D4 boundaries is welcome to enroll

·         Any current (2013-14) registration passes are accepted but they cannot be mixed within a team (they must all be CYSA or all USCS)

·         At Large option will be available for teams that want to play occasional/additional games



Any player may play at any time given proper registration and age.  The only restriction is related to mixing passes.  

All players must have passes issued by the same organization.



The basic schedule will run from end of March through mid-June.  Extended schedule available to all the teams to schedule and play a-la-carte games will be open on March 1st and go through end of June.


Fee Structure

·         U9-U10 - $100 – 8-11 games

·         U11-U15 - $250 – 8-11 games

·         U16-U19 - $150 – 4-5 games

·         Additional, a-la-carte game - $15 per team


CRL Fall participating teams – $0 (fee included in their CRL registration)

How does At Large work
·         You send us an email with a list of teams you would like to play - same age, younger, older, different gender, etc.
·         We generate a game on the schedule and you begin a dialog with the opponent who can agree or not to play you.
·         If agreement is reached, you set the location/date/time and play it.  At the end of the season we'll charge At Large teams $15/played game.  Teams registered for full league that play additional games vs. At Large teams are not charged any additional fees.


Registration Deadline

February 21 - for regular League schedule play.

At Large registration is open through mid-May.



List of Registered Teams